RuthWindingArtist Ruth Winding specialises in gilded paintings. Working to commission, she creates unique, bespoke pieces for different environments. Each piece is designed in consultation with clients and in accordance with their wishes; existing colour schemes are always taken into consideration when a design is created.

Ruth's pieces comprise a gilded background of metallic leaf upon wood, overlaid with hand-painted detailing. Layers of varnish are then applied, preventing tarnishing and giving the gilding a mellow, 'aged' effect. The resulting juxtaposition of scintillating metallic leaf and delicate, colourful imagery is one of opulence and subtle beauty. Unlike a conventional painting, a gilded picture allows light to dance over its surface, gently shifting in mood and brightness throughout the day, and occasionally appearing silhouette-like.

Having completed a degree in Illustration, Ruth studied Scenic Painting for Theatre at Bristol's renowned Old Vic Theatre School, where she learned to gild and to create mural effects. Her current work is a fusion of these disciplines, combining the figurative with the ornate. Much of Ruth's work is influenced by 19th-century Chinoiserie, but more recently she has taken her work in a new direction, capturing the glorious birds and foliage of the English countryside.

Ruth also produces a range of quirky 3d pieces, which she sells at various outlets, and online at Etsy.com